Welcome to Second Dawn

Second Dawn: Post Apocalyptic Live Action Role Playing

Welcome to Second Dawn! Join our Facebook group, and get event reminders, as well as keep in touch with other members of the Second Dawn community.

To get started, check out our rules for more setting information and character creation guidelines. Then, create a character in our Character Condenser and submit your history to staff.


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Next Event

Next event is May 20-22, 2016.

Second Dawn returns to Camp Denison in Georgetown, MA for our fifth and final year! Please register on the Events page.

2016 Events:

April 8 – 10
May 20 – 22
September 2 – 4
October 7 – 10

That’s right, 4 day finale!


Camp Denison Conservation Area
84 Nelson Street
Georgetown, MA 01833

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Post-Apocalyptic Survival

Welcome, weary traveler, to Beacon. Here, you will walk among the best and the worst of humanity’s remnants. You’ll meet scavengers, scoundrels and warriors. Some come in search of fortunes that lay hidden in caches of ancient technology. Others come to test their bravery in the wastes. The hopeful come seeking the future of humanity in shadow of the looming radio tower.

What is it you seek in our tiny pocket of civilization?


Second Dawn is a Live Action Role-Playing game of survival in a post-apocalyptic world. Our core staff members are based out of the greater Boston, MA area, and our events are held at Camp Denison in Georgetown, MA.

Learn more about our game by exploring Beacon, Factions, Headers, and Professions

Don’t forget to check out our current Rulebook.

Questions can be sent to SecondDawnLarp@gmail.com, as well as in the forum.


Second Dawn is a Be Epic joint.